Monday, August 8, 2011

Mondays are for SHOPPING!

....because I'm going shopping!! Happy Monday~I got this cool image from Pinterest. It's really got me addicted and inspired. I've found some really cool pics on there that make me want to re-do my whole house!! Uh-oh!! Last nights dinner was sloppy joes, french fries and sugar snap peas.
The buns are Sara Lee whole wheat 80 calorie buns. They are soooo good! I don't really like french fries, I am weird I know but I do like the burnt crispy fries! I ate wwaaaayyyy too much watermelon last night and went to bed in a watermelon coma. Breakfast was honey nut cheerios and a banana boat!
 This has been my favorite breakfast lately! I love cereal!! Yum! Today I went shopping! I love Ulta! I could spend all day in that store (and my whole paycheck) so I left with only a mascara and a free nail polish. Then I went to the mall and got some workout clothes at Old Navy! I got running shorts for $6 and a matching tank top with a built in sports bra! I also got yoga pants on the sale rack for $11! Underwear at Victoria's Secret and a Fedora hat to wear to the beach in 2 weeks :)
I also picked up some peanut butter fudge! YAY! I ate a couple pieces in the car while driving home!
I am meeting Abram at the gym at 5pm to show off my bench pressing skills. I'm also gonna run while I'm there since I didn't do it this morning! Hope your having a good start to your week!
Question: What's your favorite flavor of fudge?

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