Friday, August 5, 2011

TGIF...for realsies!

I can actually say TGIF this week! I don't have to work tomorrow AND I have Monday off. Loooonnnggg weekend ahead of me!! Now, what will I do with my time....?

This morning I made an oldie but a goodie~whole wheat english muffin with an egg white and veggie bacon.
I worked all day today~after work I came home and ran 2 miles, did sit-ups, butt bible workout and some light weight lifting. It felt good to exercise after a long day at work. Usually I don't like working out in the evening but today, I welcomed it! I gave in and started the new trend right now: Pinterest. I don't really understand it, but it sure is fun (and when I'm bored it fills my time)
Dinner was stuffed chicken breast~it was frozen, but it was actually really good! I used to eat these as a kid, but the breaded version. These were new & Abram and I both enjoyed the flavor!
We also had peas and macaroni and cheese. Half way thru making the macaroni, I realized we didn't have any milk so I decided to use Laughing Cow swiss cheese to make the macaroni. It was a little clumpy and dry, but it worked! Ya gotta use what ya have!

We will probably catch up on past episodes of this season's Hell's Kitchen since we missed a bunch of 'em! Have a great Friday night friends!
Question: Half way thru a recipe, have you ever realized that you didn't have an ingredient?

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