Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rainy Days = Girls Day!

It's another rainy one out there!! Breakfast was a whole wheat english muffin and an orange.

Today mom and I went to see Bridesmaids (for a second time) this time we went to the Dollar Theater! The last time we saw this movie it was actually on a rainy day! What are the odds? We indulged in popcorn for lunch and I also had a tootsie pop, healthy, I know. After the movies we came home and took a little nap before taking my dad out for his belated birthday dinner. He chose Outback Steakhouse. I had every intention of taking a picture of my dinner, but completely forgot by the time it came and well, no picture was taken. Sorry. I had a 6oz Outback Special~steak~with broccoli, salad and bread. I got a "doggie" bag and took the rest of my steak home for Misha. She is enjoying it right now as I blog. I hope to have some more exciting pics for you tomorrow. Hope you all had a great Saturday! I can't wait to get my Sunday run on tomorrow at the gym!!
Question: Do you take naps on the weekend?

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