Sunday, August 7, 2011

Watermelon 101!

Yes, I bought another watermelon (that's 3 this week...) So this time I thought I'd show you how to cut up the perfect watermelon. Abram discovered this cool technique and I just thought I'd be selfish if I didn't share this with the world! Here we go! Start with a whole watermelon....
 Cut it in half.....
(make sure you are still wearing your PJ's...hehe)
Slice around the edge of the watermelon...
Cut slices long ways and across.....
Dump little chunks of watermelon into bowl....(this is the cool part)
Dog will beg for watermelon because doggies love watermelon (at least Misha does!!)
I made Abram finish cutting it up so I could eat it :) I'm sure a good wife!! Watermelon will be lunch today, and dinner, and dessert!! See ya soon watermelon!!
Breakfast was oatmeal with 2 packs of splenda to sweeten it up! It kept me full all morning and fueled me up for my Sunday run at the gym!
I ran the normal 3 miles at the gym today and 20 minutes in the weight room. I had another wonderful Sunday workout! We went to visit my gram and pap today~Abram and I tried to pick the rest of the blueberries but there was a TON of yellow jackets in there so we opted out! We came home with these goodies instead!
Yummy homemade beets & peppers! We are home now and plan to spend the rest of the evening being lazy....and maybe cleaning a little :) Look what Abram found!
Valentine's day M&M's!! I'm a candy hoarder!! See ya'll tomorrow!
Question: Do you save candy from holidays or eat it all right away?


  1. You can save candy for that long? So impressed! No way, it would be gone way sooner than that for sure, haha!

  2. Cute way to cut a watermelon! I bought one a few weeks ago and it didn't look that pretty when I cut it! lol I'll give that a try next time :)

    Is it gross that we still have candy from last Halloween? It's just sitting in a bag. I feel like we should throw it out because we're not eating it.