Thursday, August 4, 2011

Parrrttyy's heeerree!

Not much goin' on over here....I had the same breakfast as yesterday-because it was SO delicious then, it was just as delicious today :) I worked a shorter day than normal today, and at the end of my day I got a much needed haircut!! Thanks Mandi!
Cheesy picture, I know. It's not the best but sometimes bloggin' aint pretty! This evening I plan on making a quick and easy dinner because we are going to visit my gram & pap. Ok people, JERSEY SHORE is on tonight!!!!!! I am so excited I am wearing this shirt in honor of it!! Who's watching?!
Yes, I will be fist pumping tonight at 10pm! I am so glad tomorrow is Friday....I am so ready for the weekend!! Well, this has successfully been the most uninteresting post I've ever given. Sorry! I will try to be more interesting tomorrow!
Question: Do you ever have days where nothing is worth reporting?

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