Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is it really ONLY Thursday?!?

I forgot to post last night's cupcake pics that I decorated in class! I only got to decorate 6 of them, so this morning before I took them to work I iced them quickly with white icing. The girls at work enjoyed them!
This morning I was running late since I had to ice the cupcakes so I ate 2 hard boiled egg whites and a morning star sausage on the go! When I realized what day it was, I wanted to cry. IT'S ONLY THURSDAY?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And to make matters worse, I have to work Saturday too. Oh well, moving on....
I stopped and grabbed a salad from Wegman's for lunch since I have nothing in the house here. I also took an apple from home and some of Target's version of goldfish: chickadees. The salad was N A S T Y !!!
Never. Again. You know what's sad? I've had this one several times before, and it's my favorite. But this time it was so yucky I refuse to ever spend $3.99 on it again!! After work I went home and started baking, AGAIN. This time I am making cupcakes for a party tomorrow. My cousin Gina is having a Silpada Jewelry party and I made "jewel" themed cupcakes. Gold and Silver cupcake liners with decorations for the top! I think they turned out alright....
Dinner tonight was another weekly occurrence, baked fish and veggies. But instead of rice this week, we had homemade macaroni and cheese, it was delicious and VERY filling! After dinner we went tanning and now Abram is glued to the TV watching Harry Potter. It's funny because last Sunday he was telling my dad how he can never watch a movie multiple times. I think this might be the 40th time he has seen this movie. Just sayin. Have a great night, tomorrow is FRIDAY!
Question: Can you watch a movie multiple times?


  1. OMG I want those cupcakes BAD! I can watch certain movies over and over...the princess bride is one I can always watch, I love it! It really just depends on the movie :)

  2. Dirty Dancing is the movie I can watch OVER and OVER! I know every single line to it, love Patrick Swayze!