Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rhubarb GALORE!

Best thing to start my day off with-Misha "riding her bicycle" She will lay on her back with a toy in her mouth and kick all four of her legs and it looks like she is riding a bike. I love when she does this, it's so cute. After Misha entertained me, I took off and went to the gym. I ran 2 miles and then lifted in the girls room for 25 minutes. I came home and made some egg whites with mushrooms and cut up a gala apple. It was delicious.
After breakfast was when the real cooking started! Abram got assigned to making rhubarb pies for work (they do a monthly team lunch) but do you think Abram made the pies? No. Bethany made the pies. ALL THREE OF EM! One rhubarb and strawberry pie, one plain rhubarb pie and finally a rhubarb crisp. They all smelled amazing and it was hard to not dig in.
By the time I got done with the pies it was lunch time! Today I had a La Tortilla Factory wrap filled with reduced fat mozzarella shredded cheese and organic black beans! On the side was carrots and cucumbers. It was delightful :)
I went into work a little early this afternoon. Anne's wedding is this weekend so she had a lot to take care of before leaving tomorrow. For dinner I took cottage cheese, strawberries, raisins and a microwavable sweet potato!! When dinner rolled around I was excited to microwave that baby and eat. Too bad it BURNT to a CRISP and was inedible! Soooo, I ate all the other stuff and some skittles. Dinner of champions I know. At least I got to wear my cute new outfit today! Have a good night-Abram and I are going to the gym @ 6am tomorrow for a change!! Hopefully we can make it up at 5:30 when the alarm goes off.....

Question: Have you ever made rhubarb pie/crisp?

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