Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunny/Soupy Saturday!

Happy Saturday people! Abram made coffee this morning (usually it's my job) but I hopped in the shower as soon as I woke up so he made it today. It was yucky terrible horrendous. Guess I will stick to making the coffee from now on. I took one sip and dumped it down the sink. I decided I would get my caffeine from Sheetz instead. As I was checking out, the lady said "would you like anything else?" and I looked to my left, and saw this and said "why yes, I do!" threw it down and went about my day!
I couldn't wait to dig into it for lunch/snack. So anyways, it was sunny today, just like I had hoped it would be! Too bad 9 hours of it was spend being INSIDE. I didn't pack lunch today because THERE IS NOTHING IN MY HOUSE, so Abram brought me some summer vegetable and orzo soup from Wegman's. It was delicious and hit the spot since my throat has been sore the last couple of days. After I ate my lunch, I decided to paint my nails since all the girls were busy with their wedding parties and I wouldn't need to check someone out for several hours. Color is called Cajun Shrimp by OPI. The popcorn was an afternoon snack and it was YUMMY!! Sweet, salty and crunchy, my favorite!
After work I picked up some Chinese food per Abram's request and went home to eat. I WAS HUNGRY! It was super greasy, and my tummy isn't used to a lot of grease but it was still good! After dinner we took Misha for a walk around the neighborhood and now we are getting ready to meet up with friends for some drinks & enjoy what is left of the sun! Hope your having a good weekend!
Question: Have you tried this popcorn? What is your favorite kind of popcorn?

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