Saturday, May 28, 2011

Super Saturday!!

Yeah yeah, I know this post title is cheesy & lame but it was a super Saturday! And it's not over yet! First off, the Bridesmaid's movie last night was SO FUNNY! My mom and I lovvveed it. You must go see it!! This morning Abram and I woke up and went over to my parent's house for breakfast and I made them some baked oatmeal! After we ate we walked around the pathetic thing they called a yard sale in their neighborhood. After only 30 minutes we gave up and decided to go to Sam's Club to get some essentials: almond butter, granola bars, peanuts & powdered sugar. After that we went home and made some lunch. My dad sent us home with some hot sausage's so Abram grilled them up for himself and I had a turkey pepperoni and mozzarella wrap with carrots & cottage cheese!

After lunch Abram and I went our separate ways. He went to clean out his car and I went to Target to get some cake mix for tomorrow's memorial day cake. After Target I went over to my cousin Gina's and we (me, Gina, Tiya and Helena) went to the mall and did some shopping. After the mall we lounged in the yard & played on the swing set. Abram met us over there and the boys did some yard work. Now I am home and ready to go to dinner with my good friend Wendy and her finance Justin! See ya tomorrow!!!!

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