Monday, July 11, 2011

....aannnd it's 86 degrees in my house

Yep, 86 degrees in my house today. It's only 5 degrees different than being outside....
 Ahhh....the pleasures of not having central air. This morning I ran a mile and then ate some breakfast.
 Cinnamon raisin bagel thin and some blueberries (grapes are hidden on the bottom) I worked a few hours then went over to my parent's house to use their Exercise TV OnDemand. Today I did '6 round slim down' and 'A$$ and Abs'....these were both Mandi's recommendations. I didn't like the 6 round slim down, it was kinda all over the place and annoying, I did that one for about 30 minutes of the 45. The "cardio" section she had us jumping up and down, and I still have a slight headache leftover from yesterday so I didn't wanna push it. The A$$ & Abs though was pretty awesome, I can't wait til the Comcast guy comes and installs the system tomorrow!
Misha is H-O-T, HOT! She wants nothing to do with anything, poor girl. I think she wants to escape and go to her grammie's where there is AC :) I ran another mile while waiting for Abram to get home. For dinner he grilled up some burgers and we had them on whole wheat flax & fiber sandwich thins. On the side we had green beans and a mixed green salad w/ balsamic dressing. It was yummy.
 Yep, you guessed it. I have ANOTHER migraine. Not horrible, but still not feeling 100%. Abram thinks it might be from stress and heat (stress because my pap is sick and not getting any better....) It's a hard time in all of our lives. Well, I won't depress you anymore, have a good night~I am going to try and de-stress myself and relax tonight. XOXO
Question-Do you let events in your life stress you out? Cause you to be sick from the stress? How do you cure it?


  1. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog from Courtney's blog at sweet tooth, sweet life. I saw you commented about the waffle shop and I was wondering if you meant the one in State College. I can see from this post you do, and I absolutely agree! I go there often :)

    And to answer your question above, a good run and some time to myself usually allow me to think through the issue and how I can and/or should be dealing with it.

  2. I'm sorry that you don't have air :(
    But you are lucky that your high is only 91!!
    The heat index in Mississippi today was in the teens (above 100-teens!!)
    Stress-wise.. I try to remember that everything is in God's hands, and it'll turn out okay!
    I hope you have a great night :)
    <3 Haley

  3. Thinking of you, Bethany.
    xo, Lori

  4. Yes, events in my life absolutely stress me out! For me, getting out of the house helps. Also, exercise and gum are pretty failsafe solutions. As well as crying. Nothing is as good as a good cry sometimes.