Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shortie Saturday

So last night, I somehow came out of my "funk" with the help of the Jersey Shore Marathon on MTV and I forced myself to workout. I ran 2 miles on my treadmill at home and did some light weights on the floor~focusing on my arms. I know the workout definitely helped, I need to remember this whenever I say, "I don't waaannna run todaaay" HELP KEEP ME FOCUSED!
This picture that my dad sent me from Atlantic City might have also had something to do with cheering me up!!
Seriously, thanks PARENTS for giving me such a sweet tooth!! Candy addiction from my dad and dessert addiction from my mom (cakes, cookies, fudge etc) I'm doomed.
Today I work at the salon until around 2pm~it's a shortie Saturday, no complaints here! After work we plan on going to visit my Gram & Pap, then who knows what our evening will involve. Tomorrow we are wide open so I think I will drag Abram to the pool :) AFTER the routine gym trip of course!! Have a wonderful Saturday!!
P.S. I am babysitting my mom's dog Ruby, here she is last night watching the Jersey Shore Marathon with me!
Question: Do you have a sweet or salty tooth?


  1. I have a SWEET tooth. Also, I want a giant box of Nerds where can I find them?