Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wine goes with Party Mix, right?

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday. I was a busy bee. I worked all day and then as soon as I left work, Mandi and I went home to drink a whole bottle of wine have a couple glasses of wine. On the drive home I KNEW I needed something in my stomach before I drank alcohol so we stopped at Sheetz to grab some cheese and crackers because that's the only thing we could think of that paired well with wine. When we arrived at Sheetz, they had no cheese. So, we went with the next best thing: Party Mix. Mandi said "it has cheese doodles in it, that counts as cheese, right??" haha why yes Mandi, it sure does :)

After our fancy appetizer & happy hour cocktail, we met up with my sister/friends/cousin for dinner at the Ale House. We were celebrating Toni being home from Florida for the weekend. I ordered a vodka soda with lime juice and an asparagus sandwich. Soooooo delicious. In fact, we give it a W.O.W on how good the drink was :)
After a few rounds of cocktails and some good laughs, we took a few "normal" pictures for your viewing pleasure.

J Stephens Salon & Spa's finest :)
I am working all day Saturday but hopefully will be going out for another fun evening with the sister and some friends. This morning I wore my special "dalmatian" glasses just for Misha, aren't we cute?

Have a great Saturday, I might be back later on today with some more pictures/stories....but I will definately see ya'll tomorrow!
Question: Do you ever match your outfits to your pets? Spouse?

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