Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Not Wednesday?

I decided to start a new weekly occurrence called: Why Not Wednesday? This new weekly Wednesday post will consist of my normal daily routines, but I will also incorporate some Why Not's?! Today I will start with this....
Why excessive amounts of protein for breakfast? (and also a very weird combination when ate together like I did) 2 hard boiled egg whites & a banana boat! Weird, Wacky and WHY NOT :) 
 Lunch was eaten at work today, HUGE fruit salad and animal crackers. I brought a greek yogurt but I wasn't feelin' it, so I didn't waste it. It was a short day at work, and then I came home to find these waiting for me at my door :)
I ordered these beauties from aren't they beautiful?! I just had to have them when I saw them pop up in an e-mail sent to me from shop it to me. Sign up for this program, you enter your favorite brands and sizes and they send you e-mails on when stuff goes on sale~and they are good deals too!! I get my e-mail twice a week from them and I look forward to that kind of "junk mail"
 I can't wait to wear them tomorrow, now all I need to do is pick out an outfit!! Tonight we are having an early/quick & easy dinner because Abram is going to his friend's house to fix my car since it didn't pass inspection last week :( Hopefully it'll be up and running by tomorrow morning!! If not I could always run to work
 I decided to saute some mushrooms and add them on my side only since Abram doesn't like them. 
 Dinner was pretty good~this was our first time eating this pizza and the only complaint I have is that the thin crust didn't get crispy. It was actually kinda soggy/floppy. Oh well, it filled my belly!
I have a slight obsession with animal crackers. This time, I found MINI ones. How cute are these?!? I have a feeling these little cuties will be in my belly later too!!
Now I'm all alone, Abram is off to his friend's house. I think I will go for a run later...if I can motivate myself. Have a wonderful night!! Hope you are all having a great Wednesday! XOXO
Question: Do you ever do things and say to yourself, why not?! Give me some examples!!

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  1. All the time! :) "Why not?" is one of my favorite rationales.

    I, too, am an ANIMAL CRACKER FREAK! Have you ever tried the chocolate ones? I was pretty sure I would be a purist, but HOLY MOLY- they're good! :)