Friday, July 8, 2011

Nothin Special

Happy Friday! Last night my pizza turned out amazing, once again. I give all the credit to the homemade dough! This time we did: Green pepper, onion, turkey pepperoni, pesto and mozzarella!

 Last night we met at Otto's for drinks to celebrate Sarah's birthday. We had a good time just sitting around and laughing. It's nice to see your friends outside of the workplace!!
This morning I woke up, not knowing what I wanted for breakfast (I hate that) so I decided on something quick, easy, and something that would keep me full for a while. Whole wheat english muffin and a 1/2 of a banana with natural peanut butter. It was really good, I haven't had my "banana boat" since vacation!
My work day went pretty quickly. I ate lunch in spurts because we were busy and got new stylist chairs today at the salon. I had a pink lady apple with natural peanut butter (the apple was nasty and way past it's prime, I had to force myself to eat it) vanilla greek yogurt, Kashi honey sunshine cereal and a combo of grapes & strawberries. No pics today, it's something you've seen me eat sooooo many times!! After work I ran to Wal-mart to grab a couple of things and noticed how CHEAP cereal is there!! Kashi cereal is $2.88 a box. You better believe I grabbed one!! For dinner we decided to have buffalo chicken wraps. Tonight we boiled the chicken and then shredded it, then topped it with hot sauce and some lite ranch dressing. We put the buffalo chicken on La Tortilla Factory whole wheat wraps. It was okay, I thought the chicken/sauce was a little runny. Next time I will need to tweak the recipe!
After dinner Abram gave me forced me to eat an ice cream sandwich with him. Now we are off to take Misha for a walk and then I have a gossip magazine to read while he watches a movie. Hope you all have an eventful fun filled Friday night!!
Question: Have you ever boiled chicken before? Your results?


  1. Mmm...I like la tortilla factory wraps but flatouts are my favourite. I think I've boiled chicken, but it's been a while so I can't give you a good commentary. It works well in the crockpot though, just did that this week.

  2. Girl...that pizza looks absolutely AMAZING!!! I hate not knowing what I want for breakfast too!! I agree with hilary...crockpot chicken is the best!