Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I lied...to MYSELF!

Remember when I said I would never eat Skittles again!? Ok, so I never said never, but I said a long time. It's been 42 days.....and I got the craving for Skittles. So, instead of buying a small bag (and eating the WHOLE thing in one sitting) I bought a LARGE bag and put it in my candy dish (so I only take a couple here and there) Doesn't seem like it makes much sense, does it? But in all honesty, for some reason I am more concious of how many I eat when they are in bulk like that.
 Today Abram and I waited for the Comcast guy to come and install the TV & DVR for us. While we waiting we drank coffee, watched the news and ate some breakfast. We both had Quaker Oat Square cereal this morning. No exciting pics of that, but I did let Misha lick the bowl :) She also caught up on her morning news by reading 'Pawsitively Pets'
 I went to Target and shopped around for a while and then came home and ran on the treadmill. I didn't want to because it was HOT in the house (82 degrees at 10:30am) but I managed to make it thru 2 miles~and pretty fast too!! By the time lunch rolled around I was hungry for something sweet but I knew Skittles were NOT a good choice :) So I had the regular....
 I worked all afternoon and when it came time to break for dinner I heated up a leftover hamburger from last night with a sandwich thin and mustard. On the side was a huge mixed green salad with balsamic dressing. Yummmmy!! (I also had a HUGE apple for snack this afternoon w/ some natural peanut butter on top!)

Now I am off to enjoy the evening with the hubs and the pup, she is soooo hot she is laying in front of the AC with a sad puppy dog look plastered across her face....I don't think she's gonna make it when we move to Florida!!
Question: Do you ever eat something that makes you sick and then not too long after, you eat it again? Or do you learn your lesson?
Another Question: Would you rather I blog in the morning or evenings? When do you read my blog? 

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