Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blueberry Bliss!

Saturday I worked. I also skipped blogging. I'm sorry. I left for work with this in hand:
Whole wheat english muffin, veggie bacon and an egg white. I ate it while driving to work. Yes, I still look like I'm asleep, it was early on a Saturday morning ok? :) For snack I had this: BIGGEST APPLE EVER btw.
For lunch I had cottage cheese & some Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal. The apple was overload. 
 After work we went over to Gina's and hung out there all afternoon/evening. We went to Wegman's and Gina introduced me to this glorious Red White & Blue bread. It's got blueberries, cranberries and a crust of sugar on top. SO AMAZINGGGG!!!!! 
After we left Gina's I went out to Barnes & Noble to purchase a new book since I finished The Help, which by the way was a REALLY good book. I recommend reading it if you haven't. I got 'Thirteen Reasons Why' and so far, so good!
Today I woke up and KNEW I had to go to the gym. I hadn't ran since Wednesday. LAZY ME....But today I was all about it! I ran 3 miles while watching the Casey Anthony trial and then lifted in the girls weight room for 25 minutes. After our workout we had some breakfast:
This afternoon we went to my grandparent's house to pick some blueberries and eat lunch. The blueberries were out of control, we picked 10 pints. I am spoiled with these. I will NOT buy blueberries from the store, nothing compares to my pap's!

Look at the size of those babies! Incredible. I swear I pick one, eat three. Pick one, eat three :) I'm lucky we got 10 pints!! Well, we are off to a bonfire at my friend Mandi's tonight. S'mores for this girl!!! See ya tomorrow on the 4th of July!!!
Question: Are there any things you refuse to buy at the store because your home grown version is 100% better?

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