Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who needs a car?

I fueled myself up this morning with a "banana boat" and a whole wheat english muffin!
I needed to pick up a prescription this morning at my Dr's office, so I decided to run there instead of driving. It's was 70 degrees and the perfect temperature to go for a run :) Who needs a car when you've got legs!!! So, I ran the 2.3 miles in 17 minutes. Not as good as yesterday's time, but that's okay, I can't do amazing every time, right?! It was so hot though~at first the temp felt good but towards the end I was just a sweaty mess! Grrrooosss! Sweat is a sign of success though ;) Here's where I ran to...
Pretty sky! Ugly burnt grass! I got home and chugged a bottle of water and turned on the AC. While getting ready for work I watched Jerseylicious, I am a sucker for cheesy reality TV. I can't wait for the next season of Jersey Shore to start! haha! Today's lunch was a cool & fresh combo. Pineapple, blueberries, cherries, & strawberries. Cottage cheese and Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal.
Since I had fruit overload for lunch, I decided to eat a little green for dinner. I packed leftover pulled pork, mixed salad & lima beans. Alright friends, I'm off to work, and I will be carrying my new lunch bag I got yesterday!
 Question: Do you try and balance your fruits/vegetables thru out the day?

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  1. I absolutely try to balance out my fruits/ veggies throughout the day... I haven't been eating them lately though. I'm so jealous that you have 70 degree weather - I miss that!