Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday's post

Last night I went for a run after Abram left. Let me tell you this run suuuccckkked. I don't know if it was because I was putting it off all afternoon or what, but it was no fun. I ran 1.72 miles in a little over 15 minutes. Not my greatest work....I do have to admit, I like working out waaayyy better in the morning than I do at night. I don't know how I used to do it working 9-5 everyday and then coming home to work out. Thank goodness my job now allows some flexibility in my schedule!! I also babysat these angels last night...
 This morning I woke up and had all the time in the world to do what I had to do, then all of a sudden it was 8:15 and I promised my co-worker Sarah I would pick her up at 8:20! I was not dressed, and I was in the middle of making us breakfast! This morning I made a whole wheat english muffin, egg white with sauteed mushrooms & spinach and 2 pieces of veggie bacon. It was enjoyed once I got to work and it went un-photographed. Sorry friends. Today it is raining. It hasn't rained in weeks!! We needed it though, everything is so dry! I had a snack around 11:30, apple & peanut butter.
Lunch came a little later than normal since the apple held me over for a while. The normal fruit salad was consumed and some cottage cheese.
 I also snacked on these cuties throughout the afternoon, yum!
 After work I came home and started to make some dinner. Salmon cakes, green beans w/ almonds and wild rice. It was really good! These green beans are my FAVORITE. I looovveee the almonds :)
Now we are watching the E True Hollywood Story of Snooki (from Jersey Shore) LOVE HER :) Have a great night friends~tomorrow is Friday! YAY.
Question: What is your favorite vegetable? Do you like the Jersey Shore?

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  1. Favorite veggies--broccoli! Especially roasted, yum.
    I am in love with the Jersey Shore. Can't wait for their season in Italy!