Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pancakes, ice cream & large ET's!

Hope all of your weekends are going well!! Yesterday I worked allllll day, and I have to day it was the most painful long Saturday I've worked in a while. The most exciting part of my day was finding a groundhog in the salon's kitchen. Yes, you read that correctly....a GROUNDHOG. I left the back door open to get some warm air in (all day) and when I bent down to do some laundry, I almost grabbed what I thought was a towel. It wiggled. It wasn't a towel. I had a major minor freak out, so Michele shooed it out with a broom. Talk about action! Whew! I was scaarreedd. Last night we kept it pretty low key. We ate dinner at mom & dad's (steak, potatoes, salad & green beans) then came home and watched a movie and went to bed. I introduced Abram to the movie: The Incredible Shrinking Woman. Anyone ever seen that movie? It was my all time favorite as a kid! This morning we woke up and decided to make pancakes. We used Hungry Jack whole wheat pancake mix. We tried chocolate chips in one, and white chocolate chips in another, split 'em down the middle and tried it out.

 I have never had white chocolate chips in pancakes before. It was pretty yummy! Tasted like a cookie! I used some lite maple syrup on these and ate 'em up! After breakfast we cleaned the house until the gym opened up at 10. I ran 3 miles and used the weights in the girl's weight room....typical Sunday workout. After we got cleaned up, we headed over to visit with my pap for a little before checking out the People's Choice Art's Festival. It's a yearly festival that sells artsy type stuff, I like to walk around, look at stuff, and eat food :) This year, this item caught my eye.....
 He was only $2600....reasonable right? After we walked around, we both decided it was WAY TOO HOT to eat "real" food, so we both got something cool and refreshing. I got a cup of peanut butter ripple ice cream and Abram had a root beer float. My parent's picked up this small bag of kettle corn.
 We are going to eat dinner at my parents house again tonight. It's got AC and my Aunt Darla is visiting from Kentucky so we will probably spend a good bit of time over there. Have a good Sunday night.
Question: Favorite pancake toppings? Fillings?


  1. Mmm... strawberries and walnuts. Yum!

    Hope you had a good time at Arts Fest - I'm so sad missing it this year.

  2. White chocolate chips is such a great idea for pancakes! I love to top them with dried coconut shavings and peanut butter. Yum!