Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lets Play Catch Up!

Yesterday I started off my day with some whole wheat waffles & some lite syrup. After breakfast I knew I wanted to work out, but I didn't want to run. So, I went to my parent's house and used their Comcast On Demand-Exercise TV!!! We switch from Dish to Comcast on Tuesday so I won't have to go over there to use On Demand anymore :) I did 3 different workouts.....20 minute sweat, 10 minute natural lift and 6 pack ab burn. HOLY INTENSE. The 20 minute sweat did exactly what it said it would do, make me SWEAT! Thank goodness my parents have AC, I don't know what I'll do when I start doing these workouts at home.....

10 minute natural lift focused on 'the girls' and I def feel some soreness in my arms. Last but not least, 6 pack ab burn...the lady teaching the class had intense abs, like, rocks. I didn't doubt she could make my tummy a rock too. Today I am feeling alllll the pain in my sides, I don't think I have ever felt soreness there before!! All in all, I loved these at home workouts!!! A total of 45 minutes!!

 After my workout, I came home and got ready for work. I ate a quick lunch and then Gina dropped off my cousins so I could babysit them while she ran a quick errand. I worked all evening and the reason I couldn't blog yesterday was because I didn't get home from work til 11pm. We had a meeting and it ran late!!
Today I made an egg white on a whole wheat english muffin with one slice of veggie bacon, then I jumped in the car and ran over to Wegman's to grab a couple pf snacks to celebrate Miss Sarah's 30th birthday!! 
Taylor Swift has the CUTEST greeting cards now, btw!! Yesterday we also got HAIR FEATHER EXTENSIONS in, and we were really excited about putting them in eachother's hair! There are some really pretty combinations, I would like one of them all please :)

How fun are they?!? Tonight I am getting a much needed haircut, and then we are going out for Sarah's birthday!! I am in the process of making homemade pizza crust, so I better go check on the status of it rising! Have a wonderful night friends!!!
Question: Would you put a feather extension in your hair?! What color do you like? 

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