Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2nd Day in Heaven aka Florida Keys

Pretty perfect, huh? Who could ask for a better view than that?? Yesterday we boated a half day, then Abram, my mom & I went in for the day. It was a little choppy on the water so it made me dizzy for some reason, and my mom & Abram sick to their stomachs. But before the gross feelings was fun :) We snorkeled on the reef, went scuba diving, explored an island & jumped off boats!!

My morning run went a little better than the day before. I think it just might be the humidity. I'm not sure yet if I will be running today, we'll see how I feel after I get some coffee in me :) We decided not to eat dinner out yesterday so it was burgers on the grill, green beans, pasta salad & brownies with heath bar for dessert. DELICIOUS. After dinner, mom, Abram & I took a walk. We found a cat & picked out the house we'd like to own!! I think I will put my guest posts up Friday & Saturday~my busiest traveling days. Hopefully I will have another one Sunday for you!!
Peace, Love & Sandy Feet :)

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