Saturday, June 4, 2011

Luau Cake!!

Here she is is! The final product! I worked for 6 hours on this cake and only had one small malfunction-I made the the fondant flowers too soon and they cracked. I learned a valuable lesson though!

I think it turned out well :) Pretty fun!! To celebrate my work, my mom took Abram and I to the Waffle Shop for breakfast where I had a blueberry muffin (sliced & grilled) with a side of extra crispy homefries. It was delish and hit the spot~I will be full til dinner time now!! I gotta work at 1pm today and then after I am going to get a few drinks with the girls! Should be a good time!! Have a great Saturday!! Tomorrow is Abram and I's ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!! <3
Question: Have you ever made a cake/dessert that took several hours? (in my case 6 hours!!)

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  1. Wow, that cake is beautiful! My family makes a special German birthday cake and if we make it properly (30+ layers) it can take 4-5 hours in total. But we often make the quick version!