Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Recap!

I'm baaaccckkk!! I feel guilty for not putting up any posts all weekend long, but I really didn't have access to a computer and I took all the pictures on my camera so I just decided it was best to just write it all down on Sunday and catch ya'll up to my weekend!! Here we go!
Friday Abram and I hit to road to Delaware around 12:30pm. We dropped Misha off at her grandparents house for the weekend. She was sad when we left her :( We packed some essential snacks to get us thru the long 3 1/2 hour drive. Animal crackers, peanuts & pretzels. Snacks are a MUST on road trips!
 We got to Delaware around 5pm and Regina met us at the house. Unfortunately, John wasn't unable to make it this weekend. He ended up in the hospital late Thursday night for a skin infection and we had high hopes that he would make it out on Saturday morning. No luck. He had to stay in ALL WEEKEND and get several antibiotic treatments. Abram was a little sad that he had to hang out with us girls, but he made it thru okay. We went straight to the hospital and visited John for a while before heading out to get some dinner. We ended up at Border's Mexican restaurant and I enjoyed 2 soft tacos (one chicken, one beef) with a side of SPICY rice, black beans and cornbread. I didn't like the beef taco so Abram ate it for me! After dinner we hit up the mall and I got several cute things at H&M and Forever 21.
After we got kicked out left the mall we went straight home and Abram and I were exhausted. We got up at 6am on Friday morning to hit the gym so by the time 11pm rolled around we were beat. We called it a night and got some rest for a full day Saturday! 
Saturday we woke up and had some coffee, then Regina, Abram and I went for a quick run around the neighborhood. We all ran a mile and then went back to the house for some breakfast. Each of us had a quick bowl of cereal before getting showers and going to the Amish Flea Market! Abram played in the toy houses outside before we went in to look around at all the delicious baked goods.
 After our trip to the flea market (I left empty handed) we met Regina's boyfriend Chris at the house. We decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch (my all time favorite place to eat in Delaware-we don't have one anywhere near us) I had my fav buffalo chicken wrap with a side salad. It was everything I remember it being, delicious! Here's a pic of Regina & Chris (I put that onion ring on his beer glass as a joke, funny, I know)
Eileen (Regina and John's sister) said we needed a plan, so I made one. I wrote down the plan on our receipt and we followed it up until the cake part. They all laughed at me because I put a question mark next to dinner, but put exclamation points by the cake part. It's funny how that's the only part that got skipped too :( Boo, no cake for me! 

After lunch we did #1 on our plan list. Go to the Total Wine store. We had to get some wine for my dad and some rum/vodka to pack for our trip to Florida. Total Wine is a discount liquor store so we always stock up when we are in Delaware. Each bottle of Riesling was only $7.47! It cost at least $6 for a glass in a restaurant so my dad loves buying in bulk :) 

We also stopped by Wawa for my FAVORITE SUGAR COOKIE :) Abram and I split it as a snack later on in the day Saturday! I'm nice, I share my cookies!! 
 #2 on our plan list was Trader Joe's. I had never been so it was a big deal for me! No one else really cared to be there, but I had a good time and found a few things to bring home with me. 

 At this point, Chris said to me "umm, do you take pictures of EVERYTHING??" I was like, yeah, pretty much. Get used to it!! Plan #3 was visit John in the hospital, which we did for an hour or so and then decided to go home and get cleaned up for dinner. We were going to the Firestone Roasting House in Wilmington on the waterfront. It was a gorgeous place with really good food. Abram and I split a house salad and a pesto & sausage pizza. It was really really good!!
After dinner inside, we decided to go outside and have some drinks at their outside patio/bar. We met up with Regina's friend Kim and her 2 friends. We all had a really good time getting to know each other and ended up doing some shots in honor of Regina's birthday!! 
Around midnight we called it a night and headed home to bed. Sunday morning we woke up, had coffee and cereal again before I headed out solo for my morning run. I absolutely LOVE running in Delaware, it's flat, no hills and it's just new stuff to look at (which I love) So I put on my music and laced up my sneakers and hit the pavement. I ran 2 miles in 15 minutes, I was extremely proud of myself and wished I could run in DE everyday!! After my run I showered and we hit the road for home. It was a pretty awesome weekend although it would have been better if John wasn't hospitalized :( Can't wait to see them again and spend some more time together. Have a super Sunday friends and I will figure out a way to blog everyday while we are in Florida next week, I can't leave ya hangin like this again!!! XOXO
Question: Have you been to Trader Joe's? What's your favorite items to purchase from there?

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