Friday, June 24, 2011

Guest Post~Gourmet Runner~

Hi Everyone today's Guest Post comes from Vanessa over at Gourmet Runner! I hope ya enjoy her post about running & blogging, I did :)

Hello everyone! Since Bethany is off vacationing in Florida (I’m only a little jealous, I promise) she asked me to write a guest post for 101 Sprinkles, and I’m glad to do it!

I blog over at Gourmet Runner, and I thought this post could be about--well--blogging. Bethany and I share a love for exercise and sweet things, but we also share the fact that we reveal our personal lives on the internet almost daily! Here are some tips I wanted to share about blogging that I’ve picked up along the way: 

1)  It’s ok to be real. Yes, it’s great to post happy things all the time. But sometimes, it’s fine to say that you weren’t having a good day, or you didn’t enjoy your run. Being real is what connects you to your readers.

2)  Don’t write something you’ll regret. I see often people blogging about something that they later take offline. If there’s even a chance you’ll regret it, don’t post. If you have a fight with your hubby, don’t write about why you’re angry with him. I promise, it will come back to haunt you!

3)  Pictures, pictures, pictures! The best blogs that keep you interested are full of photos. Get in the habit of taking your camera with you everywhere, and snap pics of things as you see them. The posts come naturally when you have great colorful inspiration.

4)  Take a break! If blogging starts to feel too much like work, or there’s pressure to post a certain number of times each week, step back a bit. Sometimes a few days off is all you need to remember the joy of blogging, and learning and sharing with others.

Time to take off my teaching cap! Really, I’m still very new to the whole blog world but I’ve found so much inspiration from reading from like-minded people. There’s nothing like hearing about someone’s Boston Qualifying Marathon time to get you in the mood for a quick 5k outside!

Do you have any advice you’ve picked up about blogging?

Any questions for me about my blog? Just post them in the comments and I’ll link to your blog and reply there!

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