Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fruity Day!

Hi friends! Last night we gave Misha a pre-vacation bath, she didn't love it, but she sure smells good today!! We even bathed her with PAWS Mitchell-Paul Mitchell for dogs! How cute is that?!
 Today Abram and I pulled a 6am'er~we went to the gym early. Abram met up with one of his friends to lift so I went along. I prefer morning work outs to afternoon/evening workouts. I ran 2 miles and lifted for 20 minutes. After the gym I came home and made some breakfast and got ready for work (last day before vacation!!) This morning I had a whole wheat english muffin with an egg white and veggie bacon. No pic was taken because I ate it while driving to Wegman's to get my lunch :) The fruit bar called my name! I remembered I had cottage cheese at work, so I couldn't pass up the delicious fruit!! What a perfect combo!
 It was delicious, especially the pineapple! On the side I had cottage cheese and honey sunshine cereal. For snack I had raisins. Yummy fresh lunch! I love me some fruit! I worked til 4:30 and raced home! I was hungry and needed another snack. Cue the Trader Joe's Animal Crackers!!
 Since we leave for vacation tomorrow we've been trying to eat up all the food in the house. So tonight I was going to make Hamburger Helper & vegetables. Abram hates Hamburger Helper but we honestly have nothing else to choose from. When I told him what we were having he pouted a little. Then I went to the kitchen to start making dinner and realized that it called for 2 cups of milk......we don't have any milk. Guess it's plain old pasta and meat sauce. Needless to say, Abram was THRILLED. The sauce was garden vegetable and was full of veggies, Abram didn't like the shrooms.
After dinner we had to run to Wal-Mart and get a few things for the trip. Misha also needed dog food and a toy :) I also needed a treat, so I picked up these babies. I've been eying them up for a while now.
OMG. Talk about party in my mouth. Seriously, these are SO good. And you know what's funny? They have the same amount of calories as a 'Skinny Cow' ice cream sandwich. So why not buy the FUN ones for the same amount of calories!!!!!! Does my face say excitement?
 Kinda scary, yeah, I know. But I needed to show you how excited these things made me. I was sad when I finished eating it. Looks like I will have to wait a week to eat another since I can't pack them in my suitcase (or can I?) 
I'm gonna try to squeeze a run in tomorrow morning before we hit the road, or as Abram started calling it our "last chance workout" If you watch Biggest Loser you know what I am referring to. HAVE A GREAT NIGHT! I will *try* and blog tomorrow while we are traveling. We are taking the auto train. It's my first trip on the train and my dad is REALLY excited! I'll let ya know how it goes!!
Question: Ever traveled by train? What's your preferred method of travel? Car, Plane, Train?


  1. Haha, I love the "last chance workout"! I would rather have those fun ice cream sandwiches than skinny cow ones, definitely.
    Preferred method of travel: plane!

  2. I can't wait for Trader Joe's to open here! They need to start building ASAP!! They finally put it on their website they are coming to State College, I only wish they had a date. I love those Blue Bunny ice cream sandwiches- they are my fav ice cream sandwiches- good choice.