Thursday, June 9, 2011

Haircut, Drinks & Chocolate!

It's Thursday! One day closer to the WEEKEND!! Yesterday was a good day! Mandi cut my hair and it looks fabulous! I am lovin' it!!

Please excuse my cheesy smile. The husband actually took that picture and he didn't really give me a warning before he took it! He was at work with me because I made he offered to bring me Subway for dinner! I had a 6 inch turkey on wheat with lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers, banana peppers and some italian dressing. I was SO hungry by the time he showed up I didn't even consider taking a picture of it. I ate it so fast and it was delish. Although after I was done, I was still hungry. I stopped on my way to work and tried this new iced tea I've been seeing one everyone's blogs, it was yummy & I think I may have a new favorite!
After work I decided I was in the mood for a few drinks. We met up with Mandi and her fiancee, Brandon. We went to a local bar/resturaunt and sat outside for a few hours just drinking and talking. I ordered my first Vodka soda & lime juice (Mandi's reccomendation) it was really good! I will get another one in the future! I also had 2 glasses of Reisling :)
I think I drank one too many because when I woke up this morning I was just not feelin' the greatest. For breakfast I managed to eat a whole wheat english muffin and get my butt to work. I wasn't hungry but I knew I needed to put something in my stomach. After a few hours of work, I was feeling better. Megan had a great idea and she decided we all needed chocolate. GENIOUS. I couldn't decide which sounded better so I got both.
I ate one of the chocolate chip cookies (which was incredible!) and put the others away for another day. Tonight we are eating dinner at my mom & dad's since we are going out of town this weekend and have to skip family dinner on Sunday. I am making cupcakes tonight for my neighbor's daughter's baptism this weekend so I will have pics to show off tomorrow! :) Have a great night!
Question: What do you eat the day after drinking "one too many"

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