Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's June & it's 59 degrees...

What the HECK is up with the cold front? Not happy. BUT, I do get to leave for Florida on Friday and it's 84 degrees there right now. I told ya, I'm not coming back to PA. I will be 101sprinkles in Florida!!
This morning I woke up with a slight headache, AGAIN...but I knew I needed to get my workout on so I pushed thru it. I went to the gym and ran 2 miles, then did about 25 minutes in the girls weight room. When I was driving home I thought about what sounded good for breakfast and I decided on waffles.

2 Van's Lite Waffles (with lite syrup) and a side of grapes. Yum! I am proud of myself for going to the gym, I didn't want to so it feels like a huge accomplishment when I get my lazy butt over there and actually start working out. It always feels better after you do it.
I am starting to pack up for Florida today. Stuff that I definitely won't need this week in PA~bathing suits, shorts, suntan lotion, etc.  
 After I packed a little I got ready to go to an appointment at the eye doctor. After that I raced home to make some lunch before work. Whole wheat english muffin, egg white & veggie bacon. On the side, carrots & animal crackers. Followed by a delicious dessert :) 

 Now I am off to work for the evening. I am excited because tonight is the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars on ABC. My favorite teen show!! Have a great night! 
Question: Do you push yourself to workout even though you don't want to? Do you always feel better after working out?

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  1. Ok, all I can think about is that spoon of deliciousness. PB, choc chips, and marshmallow? GENIUS!
    I tell myself I only have to work out for 15 minutes, but once I start I usually want to keep going