Friday, June 3, 2011

Freaky Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm glad it's finally here (and almost over with!!) Today has been nuts, everyone that called the salon today either canceled last minute, or wanted the impossible. All I could think about was leaving work and starting this cake for a friend's birthday party tomorrow. It is going to be really detailed and difficult so I wanted to get a jump start on it!! (hopefully I will have some amazing pics to put up tomorrow!! Wish me luck!)
Last night's Kiwi trip was an adventure! Tiya didn't want any frozen yogurt and Helena got a cold headache from eating too fast so she wasn't thrilled. It was fun anyways.I enjoyed myself :) but was so distracted by the children, I forgot to add sprinkles to my yogurt!! Oh well, next time!

I started off this Friday with a smoothie. 1 banana, 4 large strawberries and some blueberries. On the side (to go) I had some dry Quaker Oat Square cereal.
 Lunch was an old favorite of mine~toasted english muffin with melted cheese & turkey pepperoni. On the side, cucumbers and carrots. For snack I had raisins. After work I went to Michael's and picked up all the essentials for my cake and went straight home to start baking. In between cakes I ran 2 miles! I didn't have time to go to the gym tonight with Mandi (sorry girl, I will make it up to you tomorrow by getting drinks after work~Megan this means you too!!)
Now I am just sitting here, waiting on cake number 3 to come out of the oven. Next will be cake number 4 and hopefully I can start to ice this bad boy at some point tonight!!!! Have a great Friday night!
Question: Do you ever multi-task while baking/cooking?

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