Sunday, June 5, 2011

Married for One Year!!

Today is our ONE YEAR wedding anniversary!! This time last year we were in Islamorada Florida at our reception!! What a quick year this has been! Today we celebrated with a dinner out and Abram happily took me to Kiwi for frozen yogurt! We decided we would fully celebrate in the Florida Keys when we are there in 2 weeks!
I woke up and made some breakfast to fuel me up for the gym. Whole wheat english muffin w/ egg white & Morningstar bacon. On the side I had some very fresh crispy grapes, yum yum!
After breakfast we went to the gym for our Sunday workout. I'll be honest, I have NOT been into running this week. Not one bit. But I knew I needed to get my usual 5 miles in (Sunday ritual) so I banged it out in 47 minutes and then did 20 minutes in the weight room. I was happy that I completed the 5 miles because I did not want to!! After the gym we came home and did some cleaning. I rearranged my "getting ready" room and then it was time for lunch. We ate a quick one and then went downtown to tan. After that we took a nap & rested. Lazy Sunday!!
We decided to go to dinner at Olde New York~it's a place I tried before several years ago and was willing to try it again! Abram was thrilled because this place offers a lot of sausage dishes. We ordered drinks first, Abram had a Sam Adams Summer Ale and I had a Mango Mojito. It was good, but a little sweet.
For dinner I had a Portabella Mushroom Sandwich with roasted red peppers, broccolini and a garlic aioli sauce, I also had a side salad. It was REALLY good and I was pleased with my choice!
Abram ordered Weiss Wurst - A mild pork and veal sausage flavored with lemon zest, brandy and spices. On the side was a potato pancake and red cabbage. You shoulda seen the smile on his face when this plate was delivered! I tried a bite of everything and it was very good!! We like this place!
After dinner we were full but Abram wanted to take me to Kiwi to get frozen yogurt (no objections-if you know Abram, this doesn't happen very often!) so we walked around downtown for a while before heading back to get some yogurt. Cheers!
After our long walk we went over to check on Sarah's kitty Olive. Sarah is in NJ with her boyfriend so we wanted to make sure our little black cat was doing well :)
When we got home we took our "baby" for a walk and now we are home calling it a day! I gave my running some thought, and I am motivated to make this week a good week. NO COMPLAINING. Friday we take off to go visit friends in Delaware so I want to make sure I get in some good runs! Wish me luck! Talk to ya'll Monday.
Question: Do you ever get sick of running/working out? What do you do to motivate yourself again?

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Your hubby's dish is my favorite meal of all time! Every year on my birthday my mom makes this for me--Weiss Wurst and Red cabbage!