Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sweetness Explosion!

Wednesday night for dinner we grilled~we like to take advantage of the nice weather. Grilled chicken, grilled potatoes and lima beans. SOOOO good. I love grilling!
After dinner I made some special treats for dessert tonight at my cousin Gina's. I of course had to try one to see if they were worthy of serving them to others. HOLY SWEETNESS. These are prob the sweetest dessert I have ever made. WOW. Intense. You definitely don't need more than one of these bars, in fact, you could prob get away with 1/2 a bar!! Hope no one gets an instant cavity tonight :)

Last night Abram changed the oil on my car at his friend's house so I was home alone. I read some more of The Help and watched a new show on TV called 'Love in the Wild' did anyone else watch this show? I kinda liked it :) Reality TV Lover.....guilty as charged. 
This morning I wasn't much in the mood for breakfast so I just made a something quick. Whole wheat english muffin, egg white & veggie bacon.
For lunch I had vanilla greek yogurt, grapes, & my all time fav, Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal. For snack I had a couple (3 is a couple, right?) of my Funfetti Granola Bars. YUMMMMY. 
I came home to this sweet face. She sits in the window sunning herself and when I came up to the door she smiled. Melted my heart. Abram says she looks old, poor thing. haha!
 Now we are headed to Gina's for Mexican night! Hope everyone likes my dessert!! See ya tomorrow, smile because it's FRIDAY!!!!!! 
Question: Is there such a thing as a dessert TOO sweet?


  1. I'm pretty sure that you cannot go wrong (or too sweet) with any dessert with white chocolate AND peanut butter like yours! Definitely have that recipe bookmarked now. :)

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  3. I have that cookie bar recipe starred on my google reader to make. Hmmm, I'm wondering if you used half sweetened condensed milk and half evaporated milk to make it less sweet. I googled it and looks like the only differences is the sugar content. Both have 60% of the water removed from the milk, the sweetened just has about 20x more sugar. Thanks for posting it! Sorry I deleted the 1st comment (it was the same with a typo :))