Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tropical Wednesday!

Hi friends :) This morning I was feeling tropical so I whipped up a smoothie for breakfast!! 1 banana, 4 large strawberries & the rest of my pap's frozen blueberries! On the side is some Quaker Oat Square cereal. I used a leftover umbrella straw that I used for my Luau Cake!
In order to continue the good running streak I am having, I split up my run again today. 1.5 miles before breakfast and 1.7 miles after.  I did the first part of my run inside on the treadmill and decided to run the other part around the neighborhood for a change. It was nice! Not too hot and I enjoyed the scenery!! After my run I had to go out to the mall and return a couple of shirts that my mom and I bought for Abram last weekend. They were too small, his muscles are getting so big he can't fit in a size medium shirt anymore :) And of course while I returned his items, I bought a few for myself as well :)
Cute huh? And ON SALE :) Even better!!Abram arrived home for lunch just in time! I was starting to prepare mine. I was brave and decided to eat dairy today. I took one of these babies and hoped for the best!
So far, so good. No stomach cramps, no bloating, and no ouchie bellyaches!! Looks like I might be able to eat dairy full force again!! We enjoyed our lunch outside today, although it was VERY hot. (P.S. those flowers you see in every food pic today are from my yard. I picked them last night!!) 
grapes, strawberries, cottage cheese and Multi Grain Cheerios. Yum! Perfect cool lunch for a hot day! Misha wasn't pleased with the hotness of the day however, she lasted about 3 minutes.
 I've got a haircut with my girl Mandi today @ 2:15 and then a meeting at work. Hopefully Misha will be up for a walk when I get home tonight, and after 8pm it should be cooled off! Abram is bringing Subway for dinner so I will get my veggie fix! Have a super Wednesday!!
Question: Do you pick flowers from your yard? Buy flowers to display in your house?

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