Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cheez-it flavored Bacon!

I will start with last night's dinner: tri-colored tortellini and hot sausage coins in marinara sauce. It was alright, nothing to brag about. The pasta didn't have much flavor, just felt like I was eating lumps of dough....but all in all it was an okay dinner!

Last night I made cupcakes from scratch! After they were finished and iced, I took some over to my cousin's house and gave them to Helena as a prize for going on the potty 4 times that day!! (she is potty training and at first was sooo afraid of the toilet!!) Both girls licked the icing off and didn't eat the cake, they gave it to daddy to finish! :)
This morning I decided to make an egg sandwich~English muffin, egg white and Morningstar Bacon Strips! This was my first time eating the vegetarian bacon and it was actually really good! It was crisp (just how I like my bacon) and went perfectly on my egg sandwich. I did notice however that it taste like cheez-its, haha! I still enjoyed it!!
Tonight we will be taking Helena to Kiwi to get frozen yogurt, another prize for using the potty! Talk to ya'll tomorrow when it's FRIDAY!!!
Question: Have you tried Morningstar products? Bacon? Sausage? What's your favorite?


  1. That bacon looks funny, like playdough kinda. Good job using Helena as a reason to go to Kiwi hehe

  2. I like morningstar products, but I've never tried the bacon before! Those cupcakes look beautiful.
    I'm the same way about my cupcakes---I like the frosting and the decoration because they look so beautiful, but I'm not a fan of the cake!