Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm over this week!

It's only Wednesday (and this is only my 2nd day working this week) and I am already over it. I am SO ready for vacation. Next weekend we go to Delaware for the weekend to visit the Greenly family <3 and then the next week is FLORIDA!! I can't wait, I don't think I will be returning. Hope Abram is okay with that!! Disney World is holding a job for me, ice cream server, trash sweeper upper, ride attendant, whatever it is, the smile on my face will be so big you won't be able to take it off my face. I love Disney and even if I only got paid $7/hour it would be worth it to me!

Anyways, enough of my silly dreams/hopes/wishes. This morning for breakfast I had Quaker Oat Squares cereal and when I finished my bowl I wasn't full. Instead of grabbing another bowl I decided to make a smoothie. I mixed up a banana and some frozen blueberries (from my pap's garden) and slurped it down while reading Julie @ PB Fingers new post. She is so inspiring. Honestly, yesterday I contimplated giving blogging up again. I feel discouraged but after reading her post about quitting her job to do blogging full time and how fun it is for her, it made me think of how much I really do like it too. Thanks for the boost of confidence Julie, I will try and keep my spirits up and get my name out there!!
For lunch I had 4 tuscan herb crackers with garden vegetable cream cheese, cucumbers, and grapes. For snack I had cottage cheese and 1/2 of an apple~don't laugh, but I think I am *partially* lactose intolerant. Last week I accidentally grabbed lactose free cottage cheese and I just laughed because I didn't realize it until I was almost done eating it all. This time I made a point to get regular cottage cheese and my stomach was HURTING afterwards! I notice that sometimes when I eat certain ice creams I will get the same stomachache, so therefore I think it's PARTIAL lactose intolerance :)
After work I decided to go home and run since Misha has been extremely hot in the house lately, so I turned on the AC for her in the bedroom and ran on the treadmill here. I had a ghetto set up since it's so hot-a fan on our computer chair blowing at me while I ran. SWEATY BETTY! Yikes.

For dinner we are having tri-colored tortellini and hot sausage (although I think it's too hot to eat anything but frozen yogurt....) I'm going to attempt to bake a cake from scratch tonight, good ideas provided by How Sweet It Is!! See ya tomorrow, 2 days closer to the weekend!
Question: Do you think it's possible to be partially allergic to something?!? Or am I crazy?

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