Monday, June 6, 2011

Manicure Monday!

Happy Monday folks! Hope everyone's weekend was great :) This morning I decided to get (half) my run on early! I will do the other half this afternoon!! After my run, I made some oatmeal~on the top I added some strawberries and white chocolate wonderful peanut butter! It was my first attempt adding peanut butter to oatmeal and it was alright :) I prefer to eat it by the spoon!
After breakfast I went into work for a few hours and then got a manicure!! Today's polish choice is "Go Girl" We use the Gelish system at work and it's a gel polish that stays on your nails for up to 2 weeks with no chipping or peeling. It's fabulous! I haven't gotten it done in a while so I figured it was time to treat myself. I will be doing that a lot over the next two weeks to prepare for my vacation to Florida!! Haircut on Wednesday, pedicure next Monday, and last but not least highlights & a bikini wax :) I'm lucky I work in a salon or our credit card bills would be higggghhh!!
For lunch today I had a Kashi Go Lean Roll Bar, today's flavor was Chocolate Turtle. Yesterday I had a Caramel Peanut one and it was much better. I also had an apple and some pineapple! I went home after my manicure to pick up Misha and take her to the vet for some annual blood work and on Saturday we noticed she had a rash thing going on under her chin. She was excited for the car ride, but NOT excited one she realized where we were going. Poor thing. 
 At the vet I realized that Misha has gained 7 pounds since January!! I have no idea how!! We walk her everyday now that it's nice! She's also not eating chips daily since Abram stopped eating them and we never have them in the house anymore!! I wonder how this little porker gained 7 lbs!! Guess she needs to be on a strict diet now, no more treats at work Videon co-workers!! After our vet visit I came home and ran my other half of my run that I wanted to finish up from this morning! 3 miles in a total time (morning included) of 27 minutes. Not horrible. Feeling a little better about running today, but will welcome the break when we go to Florida. I'm sure I will still run while I am there, just not as religiously. Not sure what Abram and I will have for dinner tonight, we'll see what he is in the mood for when he gets home! Have a great Monday night!! 
Question: Do you like to treat yourself at the salon? Shopping?

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  1. I haven't been to a salon in ages! But I love to get a massage whenever I hit up a spa. For a wedding gift we got his and hers massages--and I had both of them!! poor hubs!!